Trina Solar publishes white paper on 210mm n-type i-TOPCon advanced technology
Upgraded Vertex N 605W/695W leads among utilities

Trina Solar published the Trina Solar 210mm Vertex N Product White Paper in January. The newly upgraded Vertex n-type modules of 605W+695W with efficiency up to 22.4% are setting the standard for power station modules in every respect, stepping up the industry's acceleration into the n-type era. Trina Solar is committed to building the 210mm product technology platform with a high degree of compatibility. The white paper serves as a guide for the solar industry in each phase: choosing a technical route, developing product parameters, empirical testing, mass production and delivery.

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Powered by Vertex N series, utility-scale solar power plants are upgrading to n-type 600W+

The advanced i-TOPCon cells and 210mm technology have comprehensively upgraded the Vertex N series with improved cell efficiency and higher module power, bringing module efficiency to as high as 22.4%, with power reaching 605W and 695W for C&I PV applications and utility settings, respectively.

With Vertex N products, utilities are fully embracing the era of n-type 600W+, promoting the LCOE-oriented principle with higher efficiency, power, energy yield and reliability that are in line with Trina Solar’s Vertex family gene.

Building n-type ecosystem with full-scenario application

Guided by value, Trina Solar’s n-type full-scenario solutions help customers receive benefits across diverse terrains, including mountains, water surfaces and deserts.

With a power rating up to 605W and an innovative design of size and low voltage, the next generation of Vertex N 605W modules make an ideal partner for tracker systems, creating a perfect fit for a set of 104-meter-long trackers. Six to 12 more modules can be mounted on a tracker, compared with the conventional n-type 72-cell and 78-cell modules. For example, in a 4MW ground-mounted power station in Dubai, Vertex n-type modules and trackers can reduce BOS costs by 2.84% compared with the reference 182mm modules.

The Vertex N 695W modules offer advantages in ultra-low degradation, optimized bifaciality, and ultra-low operating temperature coefficient to reduce CAPEX and LCOE of power stations, with some in the industry calling them the “Star of ground-mounted power stations.” For example, a 100MW ground power station in Brazil using Vertex n-type modules and trackers rather than conventional 182mm n-type 72-cell modules can cut project CAPEX by 2.44% and LCOE by 2.97%.

Five technical strengths and empirical projects that prove Vertex N’s value

Vertex N technology has five major advantages: high conversion efficiency, bifaciality, power, low temperature coefficient and degradation. As the efficiency of p-type PERC technology approaches its upper limit, there is an obvious trend toward n-type tech in the industry.

For many years, Trina Solar has been developing n-type technology and has accumulated a wealth of experience in empirical testing and high-volume delivery. The results of a field test project in Hainan over one year and a floating power station in Changzhou over six years reveal the power degradation rate of Trina Solar's n-type modules is far below the industry average of 1% in the first year, with a 0.4% linear degradation rate year by year that guarantees long-term benefits for customers. In addition, Trina Solar has extensive experience in delivering a total of 500MW n-type i-TOPCon modules for Changzhi, Tongchuan, and other large projects. In December, Trina Solar’s 210mm n-type i-TOPCon cells began rolling off the production line.

Tongchuan 250MW “Top Runner program” technology leader project


Yellow River Hydropower Qinghai High Voltage Power Station 135MW Project


Trend: 210mm n-type leads the industry into 700W+ era

TrendForce, an independent agency, has forecast that n-type technology will dominate cell capacity expansion in 2023. With the acceleration of n-type module production, a shift toward 700W is taking place.

In the n-type era, 210mm technology and n type i-TOPCon cell technology will work together by combining strengths to highlight the lower LCOE-oriented principle. Trina Solar will maintain its leadership and meet the increasing market demand for high- performance PV modules.

About Trina Solar

Since its founding 25 years ago, Trina Solar has shipped more than 120GW of modules, generating green power for customers in more than 100 countries and regions, and remains dedicated to building a carbon-emissions-free world.

Regarding product value, technological innovation, and financial performance, Trina Solar has obtained wide technical and brand recognition from renowned independent institutes worldwide, demonstrating the PV market's strong confidence in Trina Solar. The company scored 100% in the BNEF Bankability Survey for seven consecutive years and has been rated AAA in Q4 2022 PV Module Tech bankability ratings for three consecutive quarters. The company has also been ranked as Top Performer by PVEL and named an Overall High Achiever by RETC.