Elementa 2


Introducing the Elementa 2 Elevate, a comprehensive energy storage solution designed to enhance grid stability and support the integration of renewable energy sources in the ever-changing energy landscape.

As the only all-inclusive cell-to-AC solution in the North American market, Trina Storage empowers customers to meet their energy investment objectives while minimizing project risks, ensuring success, and future-proofing their investments.


Elementa Cell to Solution

Cell-to-AC Solution


With a fully wrapped, integrated cell-to-AC storage solution, Trina Storage is the only storage provider that manufactures its own cells with full visibility, transparency, and control over our supply chain, handling everything from battery cell R&D, engineering, and local manufacturing to delivery. 

What does this mean to our customers? It translates to a reduction in risk and cost coupled with complete transparency and traceability from raw materials through manufacturing. 

Dive into Elementa 2 Elevate:Safety as a Priority

Elementa 2 Elevate prioritizes safety through rigorous testing and advanced fault detection mechanisms, specifically designed for grid-scale utility and power systems. At the cell level, our solution employs comprehensive and precise testing, enhancing fault detection capabilities. Moreover, at the system level, early fire hazard detection and suppression systems are integrated to effectively mitigate thermal runaway risks.


Our robust protective circuit board design, coupled with flexible configurations, ensures electrical safety, bolstering reliability and improving data acquisition accuracy. With Elementa 2 Elevate, grid-scale power developers can confidently deploy solutions that prioritize safety without compromising performance or efficiency.

Elementa Flexibility

Enhanced Flexibility

Elementa 2 Elevate introduces a streamlined approach to scalability by increasing capacity without the need for additional compartments. This innovation addresses capacity limitations while ensuring seamless scalability for grid-scale utility and power projects.

Featuring an upgraded modular design, Elementa 2 Elevate facilitates efficient Operations and Maintenance (O&M), potentially reducing maintenance time by up to 15%. Its versatility shines through with two charge/discharge rates (0.25P/0.5P), allowing for seamless adaptation to diverse project requirements.

Designed for multi-scenario applications, Elementa 2 Elevate is engineered to excel in various weather conditions and withstand harsh environments such as wind-sand areas and high-saline environments. This adaptability makes it a reliable choice for energy storage solutions in demanding grid-scale environments.

Highly Integrated & Flexible Design:
Tailored for Grid-Scale Projects

Streamlining shipping and deployment
Compact design ensures up to 35% reduction in footprint;
Built for a standard 20ft HC container, reducing shipping costs, facilitating quick transportation & rapid deployment ensuring lead time is reduced by 40%.

Higher Reliability and Higher Flexibility
Bankable warranties, guarantees & services;
Engineered for the system, including better compatibility with multiple inverters.



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