Trina Solar stands committed to the US solar industry

As countries and cities around the world transition to more renewable power sources, Trina Solar remains more dedicated than ever in providing solar energy for all mankind.

Over the last 10 years, we have invested more than $200 million in research and development and filed close to 1,400 patents. These innovative efforts continue to push the boundaries on module efficiency, reliability and durability as we set new records for solar power generation.

In light of this growth, Trina Solar remains more committed than ever to bringing these technological innovations into the mainstream to enable even more rapid growth of the solar industry than we have recently seen. 


Trina Solar's impact on US renewable energy

In particular, Trina Solar is proudly committed to the U.S. market, which has been a key market for us since 2012. We have shipped over 6 GW of PV modules to the U.S. in that time. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the combined power of all the photovoltaic and wind power in the U.S. amounts to 100GW, which demonstrates just how much Trina Solar's contributions mean to the overall renewable energy generation of the country.

But what is a gigawatt? As noted by the DOE, one GW is equal to one of each of the following:

  • 4.6 million PV panels (based on a 295-watt panel size).
  • 100 million LED bulbs.
  • 2,000 engines from a Chevy Corvette Z06.
  • About 1.3 million horses (based on a horsepower to watts conversion of 746w = 1hp)

Now multiply one of those by six. To put this into even more perspective, 6GW is roughly the equivalent of three Hoover Dams operating at full capacity, or more than the total amount of small-scale renewable energy capacity in all of Australia, which has 5.9GW installed.


Trina Solar's partners around the country

To achieve this milestone, Trina Solar has established trusted partnerships on projects across the country, and remains dedicated to create new ones.

One such partnership yielded Copper Mountain Solar 3 & 4 in Nevada. At 470 MW, this solar array currently powers more than 131,000 homes. It also provided 850 well-paying jobs at the peak of construction.

Another project, Mesquite Solar in Arizona, employed over 800 workers. With 136 MW of clean, reliable solar energy, Mesquite Solar will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more 200,000 tons every year, the equivalent of removing 43,500 cars from the road.

In California, Trina Solar was the solar module provider for the Porterville project. This ground-mounted solar power plant located in the southern end of the agriculture-heavy Central Valley is the largest investor-owned utility PV plant in the state and generates as many as 5 million watts of clean, renewable energy for this important region.

On the other side of the country, Trina Solar partnered with project developer, Heliofire, to deliver 2,830 DUOMAX panels for the Marriott Town Place Suites in Maryland. This installation now generates 706 kilowatts of solar power for Marriott's 2012 "Hotel of the Year." With its location across the street from Joint Base Andrews, the hotel serves a large portion of military personnel and their families and it does so as the first Maryland hotel to be nearly 100 percent powered by solar energy.

In addition to these partnerships, among many more, Trina Solar has created lasting relationships with U.S.-based balance-of-systems companies, such as module-level power electronics manufacturers, racking companies, panel layout firms and others, to build the supply chain. This allows Trina Solar to achieve greater efficiencies in bringing online more solar power faster, and at a better price to consumers.

But the work isn't done yet. With more R&D in the works and an unwavering commitment to the U.S. solar industry, Trina Solar is poised to help bring even more solar capacity online across the country.


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