We’re happy to announce two upcoming webinars from Trina Solar in September. 

The first webinar, “Trina & CPS - How to Optimize Solar C&I Projects,” will run Sept. 3, 2020, at 10 AM Pacific Standard Time (PST). 


This webinar will focus on how C&I developers and EPCs can:

  • Streamline component procurement
  • Maximize available project space
  • Optimize integration
  • Grow their businesses through strategic partnerships


Always on the forefront of innovation, Trina Solar’s latest offering is the new all-in-one C&I Solutions. This service makes PV installations seamless and easy for EPC and developers. Joining Trina in this webinar is its inverter partner, CPS, the market-leading supplier of 3-phase string inverters in the U.S. market for 4 years running.

To register for the Trina-CPS webinar, click here.



The second webinar, “Unlocking Utility-Scale Solar Returns: Lowering Project Risks and Increasing Gains” will happen Sept. 15, 2020, at 11 AM PST/2 PM EST. 

Trina Solar is partnering with Greentech Media for this presentation. Xiaojing Sun, senior solar analyst at Wood Mackenzie, will moderate the webinar. Ryan Simpson, head of product marketing at Trina, and Doug Broach, TrinaPro business development manager, will both speak. 

This webinar will cover how developers can lower project risks while improving energy gains by utilizing proven best practices. Financiers and developers can glean how Trina Solar’s new products, services and opportunities are designed as the next major step forward for the solar industry. 

To register for the GTM webinar, click here.

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