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C&I Solutions

Power Your Business with Trina C&I Solar Solutions

The TrinaPro C&I Solutions team partners with EPCs and developers to make procurement easy and seamless. The all-in-one solution’s innovative bundling of modules, inverters and solar tracking systems delivers higher power gains and lower LCOE.

Maximize C&I Solar Project Value

As with any commercial or industrial operation, it’s imperative no money is left on the table for any project. This includes a company’s solar project. 

The TrinaPro team understands what it takes to maximize the value of a C&I solar project to deliver a quicker internal rate of return. By lowering LCOE options and optimizing CAPEX, TrinaPro C&I Solution can improve ROI on C&I solar projects.

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A Flexible and Adaptable Solar Solution

C&I solar installations vary greatly from one project to the next. What might work perfectly for one site can be a total non-starter for another site. 

TrinaPro C&I Solution provides developers and EPCs with the expertise and experience to easily design a project no matter the shape or size. TrinaPro C&I Solution incorporates Tier-1 solar modules, a tracker system and inverters into a seamless and customized site design that delivers the most energy, predictable savings and dependable results.

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One-stop Shopping for Procurement

Gone are the days of project developers and EPCs having to manage multiple vendors with shifting delivery times. 

The one-stop shopping for TrinaPro’s C&I Solutions makes the procurement process easier for developers and EPCs by streamlining this process into a single point of contact. This means C&I solar projects can stay on schedule by eliminating the logistic nightmares that could create delays during installation.

Dedicated Service Teams

From the start of a C&I solar project through interconnection and beyond, the TrinaPro service representatives remain committed to ensuring the project’s success. Our expertise in project development, design, financing, construction, grid connection and operations means your solar project will not only meet your individual requirements — it will also be done right.

These experienced supply chain managers, application engineers and logistic experts custom scope each project, manage procurement and ensure project value. This means EPCs and developers partnering with TrinaPro’s C&I Solutions gain access to dependable on-time delivery of Tier-1 quality components from one of solar’s most bankable companies.

Operations and Maintenance: Ongoing assistance with your system

TrinaPro extends far beyond simply selecting your inverters, modules and trackers along with their particular specifications. Operations and maintenance (O&M) programs are also available through TrinaPro.