Trinahome Comes To India and Malaysia

The future of residential solar power in India and Malaysia is about to change with the arrival of Trina Solar’s residential solar power solution - Trinahome. Its release was officially announced earlier in September before Renewable Energy India 2018, one of India’s largest solar power trade shows. 

While consumers previously had to source for individual parts - solar panels, inverters, and the like - from different vendors, Trinahome’s all-in-one design includes every component individuals require to power their homes. “This makes it very easy for the consumer because they know that the whole system is backed by one manufacturer,” says Mr. Gaurav Mathur, Trina Solar’s director in India. “It also means the components work together seamlessly to provide greater energy efficiency.”

While India is making headway towards the government’s goal of 100 GW of solar energy capacity by 2022, the country is lagging behind in terms of the 40GW quota for rooftop installations as opposed to the 60GW for utilities. Latest reports showed that while 21.9GW were installed in the utilities sector, only 1.2GW were installed on rooftops. 

Thus, Trina Solar seeks to address the issue by providing homeowners and small business owners more options in the local residential solar market.  “Trinahome will help to boost demand in the market for rooftop (installations) by giving SMEs and households an easy and affordable solution.” says Mr. Mathur. “The key benefit of solar energy is that you will be more self-sufficient and can reduce your energy bills. Solar energy is also a renewable resource, so it is better for the environment than relying on electricity generated from fossil fuels, such as coal.”

Trina Solar currently accounts for 15% of the 23.1GW of solar energy in India according to the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, making them the market leader in India’s solar market. This, coupled by the fact that India is also Trina Solar’s second largest market in the Asia Pacific region, makes the country a strong and stable base to launch Trinahome. 

“Trina Solar is already number one in India’s solar energy market, thanks to the large-scale utility projects - namely solar farms - we have already completed,” says Yin Rong Fang, Trina Solar President of Global Sales.

Trinahome in Malaysia

Like India, Malaysia also shares similar issues with solar energy goals. Although renewable energy only accounts for 2% of Malaysia’s energy sources, that figure is set to change as the country begins to shift its focus to more sustainable energy sources. 

Trina Solar Asia Pacific Senior Sales Director Ku Jun Heong has stated that the company is well-positioned to help Malaysia achieve its renewable energy target of 20% by 2025 through the company’s recently launched home solar panel system, Trinahome. The residential PV solution is designed for both homeowners and small businesses looking to reduce their energy bills while benefiting the environment.

Based on geographical location alone, the country is set up for optimized renewable energy gain in the long run. “It makes sense that solar energy would play an important role in Malaysia’s energy mix considering how near the equator and sunny it is.” says Mr. Ku. 

Besides Malaysia’s geographical advantages, the government is also setting the stage for solar adoption with feed-in-tariffs (FiTs) and energy net metering.  With its production scaling capabilities in the APAC region, Trina Solar is confident of meeting demand and achieving a 10% solar panel system adoption level within the first six months to a year. 

Note: Trinahome has since been discontinued. Customers looking for residential solar solutions can learn more about our Residential Modules here, or get in touch with our dedicated team to get these modules for your next residential project.

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