Trina Solar APME Installer Training Highlights

Part of Trina Solar’s commitment to bringing solar energy across the world is not only to educate practitioners on our products, but to share our knowledge of solar technology.

To do this, we hold uniquely tailored workshops equipped with information about new technologies, products and techniques all around the world. 

As one of the leaders of the PV industry, we are also committed to raising the industry knowledge and service standards while providing areas of growth and to introduce new practitioners to the industry. 

We managed to touch base with local distributors in Australia and India in the past few months. Here’s what went down at the events.

Gurgaon, India

We held a two-day training session with 61 participants including our very first female installer. 

The training session was based around our curriculum and was designed to ensure that safety and operational standards are met for the installation of our products.

While the first day was focused on solar and PV theory, day two offers our participants a chance to get hands-on experience in the field with our products, and put what they learned in the classroom into practice.

Our first female graduate Mona also mentioned that she had been paying attention to China’s top PV manufacturers over the years and saw a great opportunity in India’s unique needs for PV technology. She hopes that her training and Trina Solar products will allow her to improve the daily lives of her peers.  

Wollongong and Blacktown, Australia 

We also stopped by in Australia for another installer training session with our local distribution partner, Sol-Distribution in Blacktown and Wollongong. 

The presentation was mainly focused on introducing our products to Australian distributors and educating them on how to utilize our technology and processes.

We were joined by 41 attendees from 26 installers who were eager to witness the capabilities of our products. 

The workshop was met with a warm response and prompted plenty of questions and opportunities for the installers. 

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