TrinaTracker revolutionizes tracker resilience with its newly launched Vanguard 1P

February 28th, 2022 - TrinaTracker, a leading tracker manufacturer and business unit of Trina Solar Co., Ltd. (SHA:688599), launches Vanguard 1P single-row tracker in the webinar: "Revolutionizing Tracker Resiliency with Vanguard 1P"

Gonzalo de la Viña, Head of Trina Solar EMEA provided an overview of how Vanguard 1P is integrated within the rest of the tracking solutions that TrinaTracker offers to its clients. As he stated during his presentation: "Vanguard 1P series, fully compatible with ultra-high power modules ranging from 400W to 670W+, further enriches the tracker's application scenarios and upgrades TrinaTracker solutions".

Oscar Aira, Head of Solutions Sales, EMEA, explained the mechanical characteristics incorporated in the state-of-the-art tracker design. He described how "Trina Clamp", reduces installation time by up to 70%. The also patented "TrinaTracker Spherical Bearing" improves terrain adaptability, ramming ratio and eliminates risks of misalignment and additional forces that create extra friction.

In addition, Oscar Aira introduced the most differentiating innovations that Vanguard 1P includes. On one hand, the tracker has a new 130x130 mm torque tube with round edges that increases bending resistance by up to 12% and the torsional one by almost a 30%. The torque tube also allows more distance between piles, reducing the number of the structure's components and consequently leading to an appreciable impact in the installation's cost.

On the other hand, the tacker includes a dual-damper system that reduces the time of tracker oscillation, prevents the oscillation spread, improves the dynamic response, and increases the critical wind speed.

Oscar Aira also explained, how TrinaTracker integrated intelligent solutions "SuperTrack" and "Trina Smart Cloud" add value to Vanguard 1P. He presented Supertrack as a smart tracking control system that combines Smart Tracking Algorithm and Smart Backtracking Algorithm to increase energy generation by up to 3-8%. In addition, "Trina Smart Cloud," a unique intelligent monitoring control solution, enables reliable and accurate operation across a wide range of weather conditions and increases productivity from preventive diagnosis and O&M suggestions.

Juan Manuel Gómez, Head of Support Structures Research and Development (R&D), talked about TrinaTracker R&D capabilities and explained the process of development and testing implemented in Vanguard 1P. Juan Manuel Gómez, also presented an introduction of the wind tunnel performed on Vanguard 1P by CPP, which was later supported by Dr Jubayer Chowdhury, Senior Engineer at CPP, who illustrated the pressure and the full aeroelastic tests implemented in the tracker.

Dr Jubayer Chowdhury emphasized the importance of performing a full 3D aeroelastic wind tunnel test to obtain critical wind speed for torsional instability, as was done by CPP for Trina Trackers. He also stated, "Such wind tunnel tests with 3D aeroelastic models of trackers ensures tracker safety by providing two key information, one, the wind speed at which the tracker should be in stow, and 2, the maximum wind speed trackers can withstand during a windstorm."

The webinar showed how Vanguard 1P widens the portfolio de tracking solutions that TrinaTracker offers to its clients. As Oscar Aria said: "TrinaTracker primarily objective is to develop intelligent tracking solutions to cover all our clients' demands. Vanguard 1P guarantees great performance and high reliability in large sites with high-speed winds"

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About TrinaTracker: TrinaTracker, a business unit of Trina Solar Ltd. (SHA:688599), is a global solar tracker technology leader focused on providing "state-of-the-art" design solutions tailor-made to any terrain characteristics and weather conditions. With manufacturing hubs in China and Spain, the company has a production capacity of 5 GW. TrinaTracker has more than 7 GW of solar trackers deployed across 40 countries, in which they accurately adapt the solar systems to the characteristics of each site. TrinaTracker is entirely focused on quality and innovation to provide its clients with high-technology solutions that achieve the highest energy yield and lowest BOS costs and LCOE.

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Photo: 600 MW TrinaTracker plant in China

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