Trina Unveils the Solar Megawatt Box: An All-in-One, Easy-to-Assemble 5MW Solar+Tracker Solution

The renewable energy sector continues to experience healthy growth. Solar opportunities, in particular, should only increase with the Inflation Reduction Act cementing tax credit incentives until 2030. As solar adoption plans for community solar, C&I solar, and utility-scale solar rev up, Trina Solar is excited to announce a new solution to facilitate this demand. 

Introducing the Solar Megawatt Box—a pre-designed and pre-engineered PV package. The all-in-one Solar Megawatt Box contains the high-quality components needed to quickly and easily assemble a 5MW solar project. When you open the Solar Megawatt Box, you’ll be greeted with the standardized package of:


  • Trina Vertex 530W Bifacial PV Modules

  • TrinaTracker Vanguard 2P Single-Axis Tracker

  • String Inverters

  • The TrinaPro Solution of services and up to two weeks of technical field support

  • Financing options for direct ownership or Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)


By design, the Solar Megawatt Box boasts a wide range of applications. Utilities trying to meet Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) or install a token system? Co-op looking to implement a community solar program? Manufacturing facilities trying to cut energy costs? Small system operators seeking ways to expand and generate more clean power? The 5MW Solar Megawatt Box now offers the quickest, easiest, and most cost-effective way to accomplish these goals and many more.

But what is the Solar Megawatt Box, and is it the game changer that the solar industry needs to facilitate booming demand? Check it out.


Pre-Engineered and Pre-Designed for Lower LCOE


The concept for the Solar Megawatt Box originated from our belief that solar adoption should be simple, streamlined, and accessible. Unfortunately, that hasn’t always been the case.

For too long, solar EPCs have had to procure project components from a wide range of suppliers, which increases the potential for installation and interconnection delays. But by taking a cue from other industries that have successfully streamlined and standardized installation efforts (the IKEA model works, after all), Trina went a similar route with the Solar Megawatt Box. This shovel-ready approach for a 5MW PV system eliminates the stress associated with procurement and design to vastly speed up the timeline from deal closing to commercial operation date (COD).

The Solar Megawatt Box bundles Trina Solar’s high-powered Vertex PV modules, Sungrow string inverters, and the state-of-the-art TrinaTracker with the TrinaPro smart solar solution in a pre-engineered system that’s ready to assemble as soon as it arrives on site. Trina expertly designed the package for optimized component interoperability to reduce balance-of-system (BOS) costs, enhance system performance, and lower the project’s levelized cost of electricity (LCOE). And yes, these components are all standard pieces included in every Solar Megawatt Box.

Eliminate the guesswork, time, labor, and money spent on procuring and engineering designs for site-specific solar and tracker projects with the Solar Megawatt Box. 


Standard Yet Flexible


Although the Solar Megawatt Box is a turnkey solution, it arrives customized. Let’s take a look at the few simple steps involved in the process:

  1. A customer submits site coordinates and topographic and geotechnical reports for the proposed site.

  2. After reviewing those files, the Trina team conducts an evaluation and foundation design using the standardized components included in the box.

  3. The team then deploys a system with ample adaptability for a wide range of installation tolerances for efficient land use on all types of terrain.

  4. Upon delivery, the standardized parts and pieces enable customers to immediately and easily assemble the system for more certainty on design, price, and project timeline.


Together, this accelerated timeline and “flexible standardization” combo shortens the system’s commercial operation date (COD) lead time. For customers, this translates into better project economics and a higher internal rate of return (IRR) for a simple, cost-effective source of renewable energy.

The Solar Megawatt Box offers the perfect option for utilities, co-ops, small-scale system operators, and C&I facilities seeking a cost-effective way to assemble a 5MW solar and tracker plant quickly, easily, and efficiently.
Download the Solar Megawatt Box brochure to see the benefits of this package. Or reach out to our team today to learn more about what’s in the Solar Megawatt Box.

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