The n-type era has arrived!

Building n-type ecosystem with full-scenario application, new Trina Solar Vertex N modules redefine high-efficiency product

Trina Solar, the global PV and smart energy total solutions provider, has unveiled its latest head-turner, the Vertex N 610W for C&I and utility-scale projects. Together with the Vertex N 700W for utility scenarios and Vertex S+ 450W for rooftop PV systems, Trina Solar’s n-type module portfolio is based on the leading 210 product technology platform and n-type i-TOPCon cell technology. The release of Vertex N will hit and reshape the PV market again.

"Ace Group" of ground power plants - Vertex N 610W

Tracker Benefits

Reduce BOS costs by maximizing tracker utilization and increasing set power
Higher transportation power by 5.3%(40HC container)

"Ace Group" of ground power plants - Vertex N 700W

Top performance in LCOE

Power generation in 25 years increases by 0.91%
Saving initial investment by¥5.57 million per 100MW PV station
Saving Levelized Cost of Energy by 2.08%

n-type cells are estimated to be next generation technology

Ultra-low degradation, long-term degradation empirical

module power degradation average


*Based on the test results of Hainan outdoor demonstration base for 1 year
degradation of n-type modules


*Based on the test results of Changzhou On-water Power Station for 6 years

Ultra high reliability, extremely low degradation under strict tests

Full set of IEC TS63209-1 extended stress tests, including harsh UV tests, with an average power degradation of 1.2%
Strict high and low temperature cycle test. The upper limit temperature is increased from standard 85°C to 105°C, the average power degradation is 0.99%
Strict hail sequence test. DH200+35mm hail + DML+TC50+HF10. The average power degradation is 0.48%.
Strict high temperature hot spot test. The ambient temperature is increased from the standard 50°C to 70°C. The average power degradation is 0.74%.

New Trina Solar Vertex N modules redefine high-efficiency products, 30GW capacity to be released by the end of 2023!

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