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Vertex N 620W+ Bifacial


  • Feature

    132 Cell


  • Feature

    570 – 620W

    Power Output Range

  • Feature


    Maximum Efficiency

  • Feature

    0 ~ +5W

    Positive Power Tolerance

Ultra high power up to 620W

This 210R N-TOPCon High Power Dual-Glass Bifacial Module uses multi-busbar technology for better light trapping effect, lower series resistance and improved current collection.


Great customer value

Faster ROI, meaning higher efficiency, as well as lower degradation, more yield. Back-side power gains included with Trina's extended 30-year warranty.


Add TrinaTracker for a smart solution

The TrinaPro solution integrates Vertex modules and TrinaTracker to boost performance 3-8% and ensure reliability and system performance.