TrinaPro is a smart PV solution which is designed for utility scale ground mount, floating solar projects and commercial applications. TrinaPro can significantly reduce the system LCOE through premium components combination, optimized system integration and smart O&M interconnection.

Premium Components
TrinaPro selects premium components which include Trina’s industry leading solar module, state of the art solar tracker system and world-class inverter. By using measured,  reliable and high quality products, we deliver added value to our customers.

Optimized system integration
With the optimized matching among components and “Edge Computing” algorithm integration, TrinaPro can improve system stability with higher power generation, with lower BOS cost in order to reduce system LCOE. An added advantage of offering a one-stop solution can help simplify the procurement process and improve overall service efficiency.
Smart O&M Interconnection
With the interconnection between “Edge Computing” algorithm and smart O&M system on a cloud platform, TrinaPro is empowered to analyze and process data from the cloud, to optimize the system's operation model and ensure the system runs smoothly and efficiently.

Solution for Tracking System

Trina Solar tracking system allows the Trina module to follow the sun with optimum angles to receive maximum sunlight and gain up to an additional 25% power generation. This solution has a higher and quicker level of financial return compared to traditional PV solar solutions.

Solution for Floating System

Trina Solar floating solution utilizes the PV power station within a water resource, which reduces the project development cost. Since water has a cooling effect on the PV modules, the floating solution lowers the ambient and surface temperatures, resulting in higher power output.