Trina Solar Launching 670W+ Vertex Modules to Capitalize on the Strong Growth Forecast for the Philippines’ Solar Energy Market

Trina Solar, a leading global PV and smart energy total solution provider, is launching its Vertex 670W+ modules in the Philippines to capitalize on the growth forecast for the Philippines’ solar market.

Todd Li, President Trina Solar Asia Pacific, says the growth in the Philippines’ solar market in the coming years is forecast to largely be driven by utility-scale projects.

“A key benefit of solar energy is it is proven technology that can be quickly and readily deployed,” says Todd.

He says: “We see that the Philippines is moving forward with development of new solar farms, so in response to that market need, we are launching into the Philippines today our newest high-power module, Vertex 670W+ series.”

The Vertex 670W+ module achieves higher power and efficiency of up to 21.6% thanks to market-leading technologies. Vertex modules use larger wafers, 210mm in diameter, which has been a mainstream choice with a continuously rising market share. Trina Solar helped to pioneer 210mm diameter wafer technology in cooperation with the solar industry’s global supply chain.

Other high-performance technologies used in Vertex modules include: multi-busbar (MBB), for greater light absorption; non-destructive cutting; and high-density packing.

German research institute, Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (Fraunhofer ISE), completed a detailed assessment last year showing that the CAPEX of the Vertex 670W is 4.2% lower than 540W modules, that use 182mm diameter wafers, and the levelized cost of energy (LCOE) is 4.1% lower. Founded in 1981, Fraunhofer ISE is the largest solar research institute in Europe.

“In the era of grid parity, the advanced Vertex 210mm series of modules have a prominent edge in LCOE,” says Todd, adding that “Trina Solar has a wide range of products to meet different applications, requirements and budgets.”

He says: “Our market-leading Vertex series modules are revolutionizing the solar energy sector globally. We foresee these higher power, higher efficiency modules will have a big impact here in the Philippines.”

He also says: “Developers of solar farms are generally very sensitive to investment costs. The higher power and higher efficiency of the Vertex 670W+ module means it delivers to solar farm developers and investors a lower balance of system (BOS) cost and lower levelized cost of energy (LCOE).”

The 670W+ module has a high power, low voltage design. This allows for 28 modules per string, as compared to only 26 modules per string for 540W modules, delivering single string performance that is 34% greater.

Fewer modules, leads to lower balance of system (BOS) cost because less trenching, piling, cabling, junction boxes and other related equipment are required for the project.

Trina Solar has also developed a module integrated delivery solution, which significantly increases loading power and maritime freight efficiency remarkably while cuts maritime freight costs. This solution has created additional values especially to large-scale ground power plants.